united queen of the skies

Known as the “Queen of the Skies,” the Boeing 747 was one of the most revolutionary airplanes in aviation history. It not only signaled a new area of travel—it became beloved by passengers and crew alike.

So when asked by United to commemorate the Queen’s retirement, we went bigcreating a campaign of events that arched months and spanned the globe. It began with a recreation of United’s inaugural 747 flight path from San Francisco to Honolulu, complete with the ultimate throwback theme, including a 1970’s-inspired menu and flight attendants in original 1970’s uniforms.

As the “Queen of the Skies” made her final touch down, we offered aviation geeks, aficionados, influencers and the media one last weekend with United’s retired 747s. A tour of the deconstruction facilities, an onboard toast and dinner under the wings of three of United’s 747s set the last scenes for enthusiasts to share final moments with the Queen.

From window cut-outs to actual 747 seats, loyalty rewards members bid their miles to take home one-of-a-kind pieces of these iconic aircrafts, commemorating once-in-a-lifetime experiences while also generating revenue for United. Over 1.3M miles were redeemed to attend. The campaign generated more than 400,000 unique MileagePlus engagements online and more than 1.9M overall impressions, complemented by positive reactions in the press.