bridgestone a layered journey

When it comes to sustainability, there will always be more we can do—which is why companies like Bridgestone are continually improving. But “never good enough” doesn’t mean “never good.” So we sought to reframe the conversation. With Bridgestone, we sought to get customers and the sustainability community to focus on the good already being done by characterizing good as a journey.

Foremost, Bridgestone committed to making its supply chain fully sustainable by 2050. But like the the production of their tires, this will be a layered and complex effort. So what better metaphor than the tire itself to provide context for Bridgestone’s Sustainable Procurement commitment.

The resulting campaign was an inspiring and informative journey through Bridgestone’s “Layers of Impact”: a journey through their sourcing and tire manufacturing process. The tire is our escort. At every stop, a new layer builds on the experience adding context to the complexities of the rubber supply chain.